White Paper Can Be Viewed Here:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.26.26 PM

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9 thoughts on “WhitePaper

  1. It says that our target audience is mom’s with a busy schedule , in what way does our app help them ? Our app also claims to help people organize their meals , how is organizing meals helpful ? We need to highlight the actual benefits of our website in order for it to really capture our targeted audience.

  2. it is good the image is clear as well as the it is easy to follow all theta is needed is for the ingredients to be posted. then images for what it should look like and i thing it would help promote the app more. then you will be golden in every single situation all that is needed now is to get the name out there more.

  3. I think we should elaborate more on our solution to the problem. The viewers should know everything we are doing and how we are doing it. We should also make the white paper more attractive and appealing for the viewer. When reading the white paper I was bored easily and wanted to exit out of the paper.

  4. The white paper is fine with delivering our ideas and what we are trying to do. There are few grammatical errors that need to be checked over. The white paper also should be more attractive. People see all the text and it makes the viewers to not want to read it.

  5. Over-all the white paper looks quite nice. There are a few tweaks that need to applied to it though. Tweaks such as; the good docs conversion messed up the format, and spelling errors in the titles. Other than that it is very extensive and informative. It also includes screen shots of what the app could look like. There is the description of the target audience and everything.

    I also like the description of the home screen. and the reasons for choosing the app. The quotes are a smart addition to the white paper too.

  6. The white paper looks nice but the cover page seems to messed up because the picture is on the second page on its own. I also think that there is enough information on the white paper that it answers all the questions.

  7. There are a few tweaks that need to applied to it though. I think we should elaborate more on our solution to the problem. Like Ronald I notice that we have targeted moms mainly. I think we should not only target moms but make the target broad to all people.

  8. After viewing this white paper i came to the conclusion that its very simple and consists of all the required information. although it seems great I also found some flaws like the fact that its kinda unappealing to the eye but other then that it meets my requirements for a good white paper.

  9. qThe white paper is Amazing,The Description of the home screen is written really well. I think it would help if we could promote the app more.I think we should elaborate more on our solution to the problem like Tysean Said.

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