The app will act as a meal planner/tracker that will help you keep track of what you and your family are eating. The app’s home screen will be a live picture feed of recipe ideas including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Based off of past recipes that they have added to their meal plan. After choosing a recipe to add to your meal plan the app will suggest other healthy meals that use similar ingredients so that you can save money on your grocery bill as well! After determining your meal plan for the week the app will also generate a customize grocery list based off of the meals you have chosen for the week. Your home feed of recipes can be tailored to vegan’s vegetarians and specific diets so that it will only show meals that would be tailored to your specific eating style. The social media aspect will help you follow your friend’s feeds to see what they are eating. When you create your meal plan for the next week you will be asked to rate the recipes so that you’re new suggested recipes for the week will be more applicable to your taste. The ideal would be to have celebrity chefs or fitness bloggers using the app as well so you can see what meals they are eating and cooking for their families to live a simpler organized lifestyle.

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  1. Elevator Pitch

    Intelligent Ingredients basically brings all organic and healthy recipes into one place. It is useful and interactive and addresses the problem of obesity.

    Phrases to use:

    “Our group strives to achieve responsible design, and create a healthy living for all…”
    “Intelligent Ingredients is the center of recipes and success…”
    “Our group spawned out of a critical issue and thrived as the perfect solution…”

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